IELTS Speaking topic: An article you read about healthy life

Describe an article you read from a magazine or from the internet about healthy life.
You should say:
what the article was about
when and where you read it
how it was related to healthy life
and explain why you think it is a good or bad article.

Several days ago, I read an article about introducing a bunch of health tips for healthy living in the, which is a professional healthcare website and provides easy-to-read, in-depth medical information for its readers. This article was shared in the Facebook for thousands of times, so I didn’t hesitate to click the link to go for it.

This article is designed to give tips to readers about how they can improve or augment actions in their life to have a healthy lifestyle. It provides loads of feasible practices of eating, physical activities and exercise, mental health, tobacco use and etc, so you can see, all these aspects are very important and closely related to the healthy life. For example, it advises me to get to know the source of all stress to help me fell in control because the more control I feel I have over my life, the less damaging the stress in my life will be.

Therefore, I felt that the article was really helpful because it clearly uncovered some advantages and drawbacks of different lifestyles and provided me the most healthy way beneficial to my body.

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  • MedPLus Health Blog 13/11/2015 on 02:10

    In my opinion your article is too short, because article about healthy lifestyle should be more developed… Sorry for that

    • pirlo MedPLus Health Blog 13/11/2015 on 11:15

      Thank you for your comment. According to my experience, I think that examinees only have limited time to speak at each section, and about 200 words in the section 2 is quite suitable. You can find that almost all my sample answers in the section 2 are less than 200 words. I believe that the examiners won’t give you enough time to let you deliver a lecture.

  • Tejas patel 25/01/2016 on 00:18

    Thank u for answer at current time.

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    Please put topic , describe a site that you visited was affected by pollution. I got that one..and I really found it difficult to speak iven if I know about pollution.

    • pirlo Mayur 18/02/2016 on 20:02

      Pollution is very common and easy topic as long as you have some of the key vocabulary.

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  • K_Allison 23/04/2016 on 02:58

    Thanks for helping with answers . I will take exam tomorrow

    • pirlo K_Allison 02/05/2016 on 10:09

      good luck to you!