IELTS Speaking topic: A restaurant you like

Describe a restaurant you like(to go to)/ that impresses you.
You should say:
where this restaurant is
what type of food the restaurant has
why you go to this restaurant
and explain why you like this restaurant/why this restaurant impresses you.

Let me tell you about a cheap restaurant I often go to. It’s located next to the training school where I have been studying English for the last two months. It only takes me five minutes to get there. In fact, it’s a tiny restaurant with several tables inside. When the weather is good, clients love to eat outside to enjoy the fresh air.

I frequently go to this restaurant with my classmates because the food is very tasty, and the prices are extremely reasonable. They offer typical Chinese food with a great choice of dishes: local specialties such as sweet and sour pork, as well as fish balls served in soup. But I can also get spicy food, like spicy diced chicken with peanuts, or simple spicy green beans.

In addition, the boss is a friendly old man, and the waitresses remember their customers and even what they like to eat. They often give us a small discount when we ask for the bill: they know how to retain their clients. What’s the most important is that the food is clean, savoury and cheap. That’s what really counts.

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  • jadav harshadkumar 2015/08/15 on 10:41 pm

    lots of recent topics and answers, they are really of great help to the ielts test takers

    • pirlo jadav harshadkumar 2015/08/16 on 9:27 pm

      Thank you for your visit.