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IELTS Speaking topic: A prize

24/12/20142 minute read

Describe a prize you would like to win.
You should say:
what it is
what you need to do to get it
where you know it
and explain why you would like to win the prize.

In the end of every year, my company always throws a big party in a grand restaurant in Beijing and there are some prizes that will be rewarded to the prominent employees as the year-end bonus. The best prize is always the latest iPhone which I fancy most. I really want to get one because I am a big fan of Apple.

In order to get the favourite prize, I need to work diligently to make my clients satisfied; furthermore, I should make some innovative progress in some of our projects, which will have some positive influences on the project methodology in the future; besides, I’m supposed to get along well with my colleagues so that most of them will vote for me.

In every October, new generation of iPhone will be on the market by Apple, which will be in great demand. Every one likes it and I will be excited to get one for free. Besides, winning the company’s bonus will prove that I am making a contribution to the company and it is a great honour both to me and my department, making my career path in the company more promising.

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