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IELTS Speaking topic: A positive experience

24/12/20142 minute read

Describe a positive experience when you were a teenager.
You should say:
where and when you experienced it
what you did
who you experienced it with
and explain why this experience was positive for you.

Let me tell you about my experience to learn how to swim in the sea when I was in my middle school. This experience really brought me positive energy because it inspired my enthusiasm to do many other things successfully.

Actually when I was in my middle school which was near the sea, one of my classmates was very kind-hearted and he taught me how to swim in the sea. At first, I just swam like a brick, but he showed me patiently how to kick my legs and put my face in the water. Then he taught me how to control my breathing. Gradually I got the hang of it and felt comfortable with the water. Eventually I could control my breathing perfectly and do the swimming strokes pretty well.

Now I can swim the breast-stroke and freestyle a bit. It has been one of my fitness workouts. Through this experience, I felt that though something might seem to be hard or even mission impossible for me before I got around to it, but when I tried my best to do it alone or with the help of others, I could overcome it and achieve my target, which would bring me great confidence.


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