IELTS Speaking topic: An educational TV programme

Describe an educational TV programme that you have seen.
You should say:
what the programme is about/ what the programme is
how often you watch or listen to this programme
what type of people enjoy this programme
and explain why this programme is educational.

I’m really into the TV show called the Expert of Cate, which is a popular TV programme teaching audience how to cook simple but tasty food. The time it broadcasts is so convenient that after watching it, I have enough time to imitate the delicacies I have just learned from the programme. I believe it appeals to anyone who love life and food particularly.

The hostess is the teacher as well. Her sound is really kindly. She looks like a patient and kind-hearted housewife, as same as my lovely mom. She is good at cooking all kinds of food, and teaching you how to cook it yourself step by step as well.

This programme is broadcast on Friday evening. So every weekend, if I have enough leisure time to enjoy it, I can lie down on my cosy sofa and watch it, taking some notes from time to time.

Thanks to this educational programme, I can cook something for my family now. Although I can’t cook very well, I will acquire a sense of achievement when someone enjoys my dishes. Besides, this programme helped a lot and changed me from a layman to a person who enjoys cooking. On top of that, it may be an easy way to let off steam during the weekend after a one-week tiring work.

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