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IELTS Speaking topic: A café or restaurant you like to visit

07/10/20152 minute read

Describe a café or restaurant you like to visit.
You should say:
where the café/restaurant is
what kinds of food and drink this place serves
how often you visit this place
and why you like to visit this place.

Well, sometimes I’d like to go to the café after work in the evening, before I go back home. It’s just located in the first floor of my office building. In fact, it’s a tiny cafe with several tables inside. When the weather is good, people love to eat outside to enjoy the fresh air.

I frequently go to this café with my colleagues because the food is very tasty, and the prices are extremely reasonable. They offer a wide range of coffee, including espresso, Americano and cappuccino, with a great choice of dishes, like cheese burger, seafood salad, chicken pizza and ice cream.

In addition, the boss is a friendly old man, and the waitresses remember their customers and even what they like to eat. They often give us a small discount when we ask for the bill: they know how to retain their clients. What’s the most important is that the food is clean, savoury and cheap. That’s what really counts.

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