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The food discounted store in Lambeth

09/01/20152 minute read

I start to practise my listening after the IELTS exam again today with the BBC news reports. I found it very useful both for the listening ability and speaking skills after a month practise long ago, so I pick it up again.

In this post, I select the news about the the Borough of Lambeth, which is located in the city of London, which used to be a shower block for the refugees but now is a discounted food store.

South London, the Borough of Lambeth and I am struggling to find the capital’s newest food shop. There are no other shops around me, just long residential streets. But then through a metal gate, next to a concrete play area, where kids are playing football, a two-storey building comes into view and at first glance, it says industrial estate more than food.

It was actually a shower block for the refuge guys. This is part of the old recycling centre. That was the refuge centre for Lambeth council. It was very dark. It was very dank. And we’ve put a lot of TLC into this building.

And so when you go inside this former shower block, you step into a new, bright and welcoming place. You can still smell the fresh paint. And today people started to arrive to do most of their weekly food shop. Showing me around is Mark Gain.

You’re looking at 1,000 square foot, about the size of a convenience store. And in here you will see fresh, wholesome, deeply discounted food.

When you say deeply discounted food, how deeply discounted?

Well, we’re about 1/3 high street prices. So anything from maybe 10% to 50% but we average around 1/3 of high street prices. So for somebody that’s on a weekly food budget of say 15, 20 pounds, that’s a lot.

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