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Ivanka intern blogs about working without pay

Ivanka Trump has been criticized for an intern’s blog post, which seems to indicate that some of the interns at her company might not be paid.

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Winter storm Jonas could hit the working class hardest

While Winter Storm Jonas is dumping snow all over the northeastern U.S. it could be affecting people who are paid by the hour the most.

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Why the UK is a harder target for would-be terrorists

As the U.K. is on alert after a high-profile stabbing, we examine why the country is a more difficult target for terrorists than the rest of Europe.

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Sympathy pushes EU toward solidarity on refugee crisis

European countries are taking a more generous approach to refugees, which could lead to more support for an EU-wide solution to the crisis.

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A tale of two Amazons: Innovative service vs. harsh employer

Amazon has two images: the company consumers love and the harsh, demanding employer.

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Words in the news: Inexorable


In the last act of the European club season, the Champions League final left a strong impression of Serie A returning to a position of power. Even if champions Juventus were unable to contain Barcelona’s inexorable surge to a fifth European championship title, they made it as difficult for the Catalans as anyone realistically could have.

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