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Words in the news: Inexorable

10/08/20152 minute read


In the last act of the European club season, the Champions League final left a strong impression of Serie A returning to a position of power. Even if champions Juventus were unable to contain Barcelona’s inexorable surge to a fifth European championship title, they made it as difficult for the Catalans as anyone realistically could have.

Yet, much like Barca and Real Madrid’s dominance of La Liga, an outstanding team’s achievements are not necessarily indicative of a competition in rude health overall. The legendary Marcello Lippi, who knows a thing or two about near misses in Champions League finals with breathtakingly good sides, called the extent of Juve’s grip on their domestic league “embarrassing” in the lead-up to this year’s showpiece, per La Gazzetta dello Sport (via MailOnline).

There has been a growing sense that Italy’s other traditional giants need to respond and at last, AC Milan could be waking from their slumber. Furnished with new backing from Thai businessman Bee Taechaubol, who has been lining up a deal for a 48 percent stake in the club, the Rossoneri are making a splash in the summer’s transfer window after being restricted to the bargain basement in recent times.

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Inexorable means that something cannot be stopped or changed.

1. He made an inexorable demand.

2. Our reform made an inexorable march of progress.

3. Cynthia was inexorable; she would have none of him.

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