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  1. The English words of young people

    Growing up in London has made me realise that the correct English language is a bit of a myth. The only person I remember ever speaking the correct English language in my entire life was my Secondary School Head Teacher. To be fair she was about 70 something year old, it would have been very […]

  2. Bounce off the walls

    Once again, in the topic of birthday today of the spoken section of IELTS, I learned a new idiom, to bounce off the walls. The expression is interesting and can barely be imaged by someone who was not born in the English-speaking countries. Therefore I think I’d have to make it more clear. The expression […]

  3. Burn the midnight oil

    I learned the old idiom burn the midnight oil when I was practising the IELTS spoken section for the sleeping topic today. I googled this idiom and found it quite interesting and funny to know the long history of it, and I’d like to share them with you. The idiom can be traced back at least […]

  4. British slang Top 10

    Bloke A bloke is a man. Synonym: fellow, guy, man. While we were talking, a bloke came up. He’s a dodgy bloke. I wouldn’t trust him an inch. Fag A fag is a cigarette. Synonym: cigarette. Hey, pal, gimme a fag. Fancy To fancy is to want something or want to do something.