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British slang Top 10

28/04/20142 minute read

A bloke is a man.

Synonym: fellow, guy, man.

  1. While we were talking, a bloke came up.
  2. He’s a dodgy bloke. I wouldn’t trust him an inch.

A fag is a cigarette.

Synonym: cigarette.

  1. Hey, pal, gimme a fag.

To fancy is to want something or want to do something.

Synonym: like

  1. He is not at all the kind of man I fancy.
  2. Do you fancy going out this evening?

To hoover is to clean a carpet, floor, etc. with a vacuum cleaner.

  1. I haven’t been able to hoover the carpet because my vacuum cleaner is on the blink.
  2. I’d like to hoover up all the dust every day.

A mate is a friend.

Synonym: friend, fellow, partner.

  1. I thought she was an ideal mate.
  2. They’ve been best mates since school.

A pint is a pint of beer (especially in a pub).

  1. Do you want to go for a pint later?

A quid is one pound in money.

  1. Can you lend me five quid?
  2. It only costs a couple of quid to get in.

To reckon is to think something or have an opinion about something.

Synonym: expect, think, suppose.

  1. I reckon that I’m going to get that job.
  2. It’s worth a lot of money, I reckon.
  3. He’ll be famous one day. What do you reckon?

Rubbish is something that you think is of poor quality.

  1. I thought the play was rubbish!
  2. Do we have to listen to this rubbish music?

Wicked describes someone or something which is slightly bad but in a way that is amusing and/or attractive.

Synonym: cool, great, excellent.

  1. Jane has a wicked sense of humour.

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