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The Beachfront Markets in Golden Coast, Australia

18/02/20142 minute read

What impressed me most during my last Australian trip is the night when I strolled along the beach, stopped at every stall selling a variety of premium products, including fashion, jewellery, accessories, artworks, photographs, beauty products and home wares, along with other treasure hunters, bargain spotters and after-dinner walkers all around me in the famous Beachfront Markets in Surfers Paradise, Golden Coast.

I heard from my guide that these markets appear to be held 3 times a week, and I wandered down at 9 pm for a warm-evening stroll along the seafront after an early dinner. The moon was high and quite a few people were on the beach. Firstly, I was surprised by the wide variety of market stalls offering more unusual crafts and novelty items for sale, all at reasonable prices, such as candles shaped like ice creams or a cast of your hand in wax. A good selection of things to take home as less-common souvenirs, and a nice walk into the bargain, which is a good chance to practice your bargaining English. The market stalls extend a good way along the promenade, so you could stroll up for 30 mins to 1 hr and then back again.

Thanks very much to my guide again. The friends who came along with me to Australia had unfortunately missed the market. Feel pity for them. I bought some home-made soap, jewelleries, feather belt, food and some sort of things with two hands full of bags, but just to experience the exotic atmosphere and patterns of life.

Thanks very much to myself. I took the whole set of camera gears including the heavy tripod from China, in hoping to photograph the wonderful sceneries in Australia. And finally I did. The picture below was shot just in the Golden Coast beach during the sunset. I spent about one hour there alone, using the unfamiliar long-exposure technology to bring the spectacular sea and sky back home successfully.

Golden Coast
The sea of the Golden Coast, shot in Dec, 2012

The Beachfront Market has been put in the facebook, so that you can go and experience the local life there online!

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