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English cheese

01/05/201446 second read

Cheese is enjoyed by over 98% of households in England.

Cheddar is a clear favourite, accounting for over 57% of the market, and is bought regularly by 94% of households. It is a hard cheese with a strong, nutty taste. Cheddar originates from a village in Somerset in western England, also famous for its gorge. There are six varieties of cheddar – mild, medium, mature, vintage, Farmhouse and West Country.

  • Cheese varieties

English people have a great love for cheese and over 400 varieties of cheese are produced in England. They all have unique flavours and textures. The most common are the harder varieties such as Cheddar, Stilton, Red Leicester, Cheshire and Double Gloucester.

  • Named after places

Many cheeses are named after the place or area they are made in England. These English cheeses include Caerphilly, Cheshire, Derby, Double Gloucester, Lancashire, Red Leicester, Stilton and Wensleydale.

  • Specialty cheeses

Specialty cheeses include the Cornish Yarg, Shropshire Blue, Somerset Brie and Camembert.

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