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Creating the perfect English garden with synthetic grass

12/07/20142 minute read

The English Garden is Europe’s principal gardening style which derives its inspiration from classic landscape paintings and Chinese gardens identified with Eastern culture. Its traditional elements include a lake, temples, bridges, structures of Gothic design, rolling lawns and trees that point towards a pastoral landscape. Its style has also been a significant influence in public parks during the 19th century.

The more modern English gardens are of a smaller scale than the original. They are predominantly landscaped gardens with more or less the same traditional elements as their more formal counterparts. More recent additions include shrubberies, flowers, and tree plantations. The result is a more “gardeny” feel rather than a grand park feel.

What often comes to mind when one talks of English garden today is the “homey” appeal of a small garden in front of an English cottage. There is also another common vision of English gardens as an outdoor room which also forms part of an English home. Creating the perfect English garden may not be exactly easy but it is attainable even for those who are especially challenged with time and the manual labor associated with gardening.

With the introduction of synthetic grass which looks like the real thing minus the work, many people can now get to enjoy the feel of a real English garden, a lush and manicured garden can be maintained year in and year out . Real grass is subject to natural elements more than synthetic grass. This is why more and more homeowners are opting for the synthetic grass option.

Global Synthetic Grass offers one of the most life-like artificial grass in the market. It is a perfect element for homeowners wanting to overhaul their homes to resemble a home with the perfect English garden. The use of synthetic grass to mimic a rolling landscape or even a flat one will not deprive owners of their much desire to appreciate nature.

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