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Roller garage doors for English cottage houses

09/08/20143 minute read

Roller garage doors are probably one of the household structures that will not be usually associated with English cottage houses. The reason for this is obvious. An English cottage denotes some distant time while garage doors are fairly modern additions to home structures.

English cottage houses seem to leap out from story books, postcards, and paintings. In common terms, they are deemed picture-perfect. It is therefore somewhat of a challenge not to deface such a perfect picture with items of modernity. Any which way we look at it, roller garage doors are not readily identified with an image associated with serenity especially with the materials, designs, and contraptions associated with it.

To say that roller garage doors will not fit into the English cottage house picture is not exactly true. It can be done with a little imagination and ingenuity by choosing colors and designs that will not make the roller doors stand out but actually allow them to blend with the rest of the house. Reliable suppliers such as Quokka doors can design, assemble , and deliver the required garage doors with the least inconvenience to customers. It is important however to make the design requirements clear to suppliers to ensure that the desired finished product will be provided.

Materials with wood-like design and texture is probably the best way to go so as not to totally deviate from the English cottage look. Accessories can be in metal to provide just the right contrast. The choice of paint color is important in achieving the perfect look.

Aside from the garage door itself, homeowners can look into possibilities of creating an atmosphere that will lessen the contrast provided by roller garage doors. This can be provided by building an arch surrounded by trees and plants just before the garage doors to provide a fitting introduction to the garage area without destroying the over-all design. The arch can be made from wrought iron, wooden trellis, or stone posts. The final choice will depend on the materials used in the main house so that again, blending is possible without major visual disturbance when viewed as a whole.

The mechanics of the roller door can be as modern as can be and yet it will not destroy the time element being presented by the house itself. It is like getting the best of both worlds as traditional combines with the contemporary. Living in an “old-fashioned” way does not have to mean giving up on the modern conveniences.

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