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5 UK music festivals to plan your vacation around

15/11/20143 minute read

Britain is home to some of the greatest bands throughout recent history and in the present day. Not only do countless music legends (and legions of fans) come from the UK, but bands from around the world travel there to put on great shows.

If you’re looking for the concert of your life, you could hardly do better than one of the many music festivals the UK has to offer. Check out the five best music festivals in the UK, below.

See rock legends at Isle of Wight

Festival goers from all over the world flock to Isle of Wight in June to see the biggest names in rock-and-roll take the stage. Most recently, performers such as Bon Jovi, Stone Roses, and The Killers played this festival, and every year seems better than the last.

Must-see metal

If you’re into hard rock and heavy metal, the Download festival is the UK’s biggest metal festival, and one of the best worldwide. Download has hosted metal bands such as Iron Maiden, Slipknot, and many more.

A little bit of everything at Glastonbury

The Glastonbury festival in Somerset hosts some of the best bands around, including Mumford and Sons, Arctic Monkeys, and the Rolling Stones. In late June, fans of folk, rave, techno, rock, and many other music styles see their favourites take the stage for a show they won’t forget. Just be sure to get your tickets early.

The best in pop music

The Wireless festival in Stratford, London is the perfect place for anyone who loves pop music. The festival recently hosted names like Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, and Macklemore, and every year many of the biggest stars come together and put on a great show.

Music, art, and more at Latitude

If your’e looking for something that’s more than just a music festival, Latitude in Southwold has everything you could ever want and more. Latitude doesn’t just host incredible musicians, but also poets, comedians, artists, actors, and authors. It’s a fun and creative environment with something for everyone.

If you’re not looking for big noise in the UK but had something much more quiet and beautiful in mind, a holiday in Croatia, Budapest, Prague, or some other European travel spot is sure to make a great vacation. But if you want to see music legends, meet people from all over the globe, and still get immersed in local culture, one of the UK music festivals listed above is the perfect getaway for all kinds of music lovers.

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