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Australian popular and rock music

19/11/201449 second read

Australian pop and rock music had its origins in the 1950s and 1960s with artists like Johnny O’Keefe, Col Joy, Little Pattie and The Delltones.

Although those early performers styled themselves on American and English musicians before long Australia began to develop its own individual style of rock and pop.

Groups such as The Seekers, Men At Work, INXS and AC/DC all became international stars while individual artists such as Olivia Newton John, Jimmy Barnes and John Farnham also performed to international audiences.

In more recent years, alternative pop music of Australia produced under independent music labels has become popular with artists including George, Kisschasy and Missy Higgins releasing songs and ballads, while Rogue Traders, and Butterfingers have introduced digital, rap and punk sounds.

The line of where rock music ends and other styles begin is merging. Bands like Regurgitator use heavy guitar and electronic music to create their own unique sound and Yothu Yindi use traditional Aboriginal music as the basis for their songs.

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