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Three fun things you can do in London with your children

12/11/20142 minute read

London has many sites and attractions but usually the most prominent tourist destinations are not really specifically children’s attractions. If you’re traveling with children you’ll want to squeeze in sites that your children will like. Here are three places in London that you can visit, which your children will have fun exploring:

Diana Memorial Playground

The Diana Memorial Playground is a place that has been designed with children in mind. The place is a memorial to the late Princess Diana and is located in Kensington Gardens. The gardens are located near Kensington Palace, which was Diana’s residence when she was still alive. Children below 12 years old can play in the playground, which feature many attractions, the most prominent being a large pirate ship that children can climb on and explore. Staff are on hand to supervise the visitors. As an added safety precaution, adults can only enter the playground if they are accompanied by a child.

Museum of London Docklands

The London Docklands Museum showcases London’s rich history as one of the world’s greatest ports. The museum, which is located inside a 200 year old warehouse, also contains the Mudlarks play area. Children up to 12 years old can play here. The playground, keeping in tune with the museum, has a docks theme, where kids can do various activities like load a tea clipper, weigh various cargo and explore the other attractions.

The Science Museum

Children will have a lot of fun exploring The Science Museum’s permanent collection, which is located over seven floors of galleries. Aside from the permanent collection, other activities are also held here like film screenings. Children will particularly love the flight simulator, the actual Apollo 10 command module and a rich display showcasing the evolution of technology.

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