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Sports fans’ guide to travelling England

03/12/20143 minute read

Do you love sport and are you travelling to England on your next holiday? There are plenty for a sporting events on throughout the year that a sports enthusiast tourist can and should take advantage of. All you need to do is plan your trip in such a way that you will catch the action during your time in England. Here are some of the sporting events that you will definitely want to witness:

English Premier League

Perhaps the most known sporting competition around the world, the EPL is help every year with matches played throughout the year in different parts of England.  Get ready to meet real football enthusiasts, fans who eat, live and sleep football the level of passion at English football matches really cannot be described by words, you have to witness it for yourself.


This usually takes part in the River Thames. It is a tradition that has come down thousands of years and it is most associated with a highly contested rivalry between Ivy League schools. Today, there are many teams that are organized to compete, and if you know your way around an oar, you may find yourself having great fun in the Thames.


England is known for its expert archers and you can catch some great action if you are an enthusiast. The best time to enjoy it is to go in summer different parts of England will host events at different time.

Horse Racing

Another very popular sport in England, and it comes complete with huge cash bets. There is a lot of horse racing in the summer, but the most popular by far is the Kentucky Derby. All the worlds finest horses congregate here to measure might and speed.


This is another old and much beloved sport. It is so old in fact that the English exported it to almost every country they colonized. There will be cricket in different venues in England depending on when you visit so check online to see what matches are closest to you.


We know that there is always tennis in England in summer, the climax of which comes in July at the Wimbledon. Its a much enjoyed event because it draws the best tennis players from world over and the weather is superb.


This does not have the stature that football, tennis and cricket have, but the national team successfully challenges other countries all the time. Again, there are many leagues for this, so check your fixtures to see what you can catch.

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