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16/01/20152 minute read

Camping is a popular way for many people in the United States to spend their vacation. Camping involves people leaving the comfort of their home and driving to spend a few nights or more in the great outdoors.

When people camp, they can sleep in a tent, a camper, or if they want to be fancier, they can sleep in a cabin. Some people like to really “rough it” and use no shelter except for a sleeping bag and sleep under the stars. Some people drive across the U.S. in what is known as a recreational vehicle or RV, which is a trailer. Inside there are beds, a tiny bathroom and a kitchen.

There are campgrounds all over the United States. These are places where campers gather together and usually pay a fee to pitch a tent or place a camper in a designated outdoor spot. Many of these campgrounds have water hoses and electric hookups so that people can wash dishes and themselves and plug in a radio or their computers. Most campsites also have a fire ring or pit, which is a hole in the ground where people can safely make a fire for roasting marshmallows, a popular camping activity. There usually is also a picnic table for people to eat their meals. Many of these campgrounds also have shared bathrooms complete with showers. Some campgrounds have playgrounds, pools, and game rooms. Some also organize activities for people who like sing-alongs, where people will gather together and sing songs. Usually it is illegal to camp in a place not designated as an official campsite, meaning you can’t just pitch a tent in a forest.

When people go camping they often do other outdoor activities like fishing, canoeing, hiking, kayaking, swimming, horseback riding and mountain biking.

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