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IELTS Writing: Education subjects

15/02/20142 minute read

Reports are also a kind of writing types though the emerging frequency is not so high. But the low emerging frequency does not mean that we could disregard it.

Most countries spend lots of money on education as they start to recognise its importance. In your opinion which two of the following subjects are the most important for your people and which one is the least important?

Subject: Literature  Sports  Mathematics  Economics  Physics  History Music  Geography

Nowadays, some countries are concerned about the importance of education. It is somewhat difficult to distinguish the priority among the varied subjects. However, I would like to make a case for the importance of maths and economics.

First, it is obvious that maths is a foundation subject bridging many disparate fields, from physics and chemistry to the Internet and modern medicine. This means that the progress of these fields will always be entwined with the advance of maths. Therefore, maths, which plays a critical role in knowledge, underpins the progress of human society.

Likewise, economics is a fundamental discipline that enables the society operate smoothly and creates wealth. For example, almost all the the countries in the world are carrying out the market economy as a result of recognising importance of sufficient competitiveness, adaptability of price and free movements of workers and materials to economic development. The market economy will solve the detrimental issues like severe unemployment, rising prices, inflation but stagnant salary growth, decreasing investment, etc, without the intervention of governments.

While all subjects have their respective merits, Geography does not have the same importance as the previous ones. The applications of Geography include weather broadcasting, map investigation, trip navigation and so on. But to be honest, these benefits are not so paramount like they seem to be.

In sum, maths and economics are critical subjects in the 21th century. Governments should do their parts to make sure that they invest in the right and key areas, and nurture adequate qualified teachers. Only by do so can we maintain our dynamic and sustainable development.

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  1. Governments should do their parts to make sure that we invest in the right and key areas, and nurture adequate qualified teachers.In this sentence,i think it is they that you want to express rather than we ,a trivial mistake,but it is still an impressive passage for IELTS writing.Awesome! Hope you keep update.

  2. Would you pls explain the definition of “adaptability of price” which you mentioned in the second paragraph of this passage. Is there any corresponding term in Chinese? Looking forward to your early reply.

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