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IELTS Writing: Industrialisation and environmental protection

05/03/20142 minute read

Some industrialised countries have serious environmental problems. The damage to the environment is an inevitable result when a country tends to improve the standard of living. To what extend do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, many countries are urging to realise the rapid industrialisation, and consequently give top priority to it. However, whether it should indispensably be entwined with the degradation of environment remains a controversial issue. My view is that pursuing economic development should  not come at the cost of undermining environment, but be in a sustainable way.

First, it is obvious that traditional industrialisation model, which has been discarded by many developed nations, is proved to be infeasible. This is because not only will it result in the deteriorating nature, which includes global warming, greenhouse effect, but that the resources on earth, such as coal, oil and minerals, are finite and exhaustible. As a result, the green development, which is primarily based on renewable energies, that is wind, hydro and solar powers, has become a global trend.

Moreover, actually, the environmental protection can keep pace with the industrialisation process. For example, we can conserve energy while improving air quality by encouraging low carbon consumption, calling a halt to deforestation, seeking eco-friendly alternatives and most importantly, raising public’s green awareness. If all walks of life in the society follow the green lifestyle, coupled with making laws by governments to boost low carbon economy, the industrialisation will still be achieved with a comfortable environment.

That is not to say that the economic development will occur without the environmental cost. The increasing demands of resources will definitely cause extensive logging and mining, especially when the economic development is in the early stage. But fortunately, the eco-friendly measures can be applied in every stage of economic growth.

In sum, the environmental protection, indeed, can be taken into action during the process of industrialisation. Meanwhile, we should not ignore the negative effects of utilisation of natural resources. Only by pooling all social resources can we ensure that we could live in a pleasing environment while enjoying the material wealth.

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