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IELTS Writing: Throw-away life

19/03/20142 minute read

Many people believe that the human society has developed into a throw-away society, which is filled with plastic bags and rubbish. What are the causes and solutions?

Nowadays, waste disposal has been as severe as other environmental problems. I think that the abundant material wealth and consumers’ lavish lifestyle are definitely responsible for this.

In the past, suffering from the shortage of material supplies, people always cherished things they owned. This is no longer the case. Due to the rapid economic development, individuals are now surrounded by a wide and varied range of commodities. Moreover, people’s requirement for a better living standard gives the businesses incentives to manufacture a variety of consumer goods and disregard the potential impact on environment. As a result, the practice has produced enormous waste that is unable to be recycled and caused an environmental disaster.

Another important factor contributing to the phenomenon is that people are used to lead a lavish life and is unaware of the opportunities to reduce, reuse and recycle waste. For example, when new models of mobile phones appear on the market, many citizens are more prone to buy the new ones, rather than keeping the old ones, no matter whether the old ones are still usable. So that is why our communities are facing the particularly accumulated wastes.

In order to solve the problem, governments’ discerning intervention and guidance, such as making laws and encouraging eco-friendly economy, can make a difference. More importantly, manufacturing corporations should not only produce the essential goods to meet the demand, but undertake the social responsibility. Besides, citizens should adapt to lead a low carbon lifestyle. Only by doing so can we ensure that we can have an optimal win-win solution beneficial to environment and production.

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