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IELTS Speaking: Using the phrasal verbs – part 2

05/04/20142 minute read
Knock down

to disassemble into parts, as for storage or shipping.

1. These old houses are going to be knocked down.

2. Knock down the old hotel.

Sort out

to find a solution to (a problem, etc), esp to make clear or tidy.

1. It took a long time to sort out the mess.

2. Let us leave that couple to sort themselves out.

Freeze over

to become completely covered by ice.

1. The lake freezes over in winter.

Branch off

(of a road or river) to be joined to another road or river but lead in a different direction.

1. Just after the lake, the path branches off to the right.

Account for

to constitute the governing or primary factor in.

1. The poor weather may have accounted for the small crowd.

2. He has been asked to account for his conduct.

Add up to

to constitute; amount to.

1. I don’t think these facts will add up to anything.

2. The evidence all adds up to a case of murder.

Amount to

to be equal to or the same as something.

1. That practically amounts to a fraud.

2. Her answer amounted to a complete refusal.

Ask around

to speak to a number of different people in order to try and get some information.

1. I don’t know of any vacancies in the company but I’ll ask around.

2. Well, I guess one thing I can do is ask around.

Back off

to retreat or draw away.

1. John was ready for a fight but he backed off at the last minute.

2. As the riot police approached, the crowd backed off.

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