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Survivable sentence patterns in IELTS writing

17/05/20142 minute read

I called these sentences survivable just because they are always acting as the beginners of the paragraph and really easy to keep in mind. They are not difficult, and sometimes can only ensure you get the score 6; the rest of the paragraph should be count on yourself.

  1. After pondering this question on many occasions, I finally reach the opinion that is something worthy to do and I cannot skip it.
  2. Although it is an admirable idea, ____ is not always a realistic option.
  3. Nowadays some may hold the opinion that ____. However, others have a negative attitude. As far as I am concerned, I agree that ____.
  4. When it comes to ____, we find comfort in the idea that ____.
  5. Until recently, ____ was viewed as the prime argument. However people are taking a fresh look at it.
  6. At first thought, it may seem to be an attractive idea, but it does not bear close analysis when we find ____.
  7. Superficially, it seems to be a sound solution. But when carefully weighing it in the mind, we find that ____.
  8. A scrutiny of these arguments would reveal how fallacious they are.
  9. ____, however, I do not think that this view can hold water.
  10. To suggest that ____ is the most obvious kind of nonsense.
  11. On the surface of it, this may seem to be a sound solution, but if thinking again, we would point out some drawbacks.

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