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IELTS Writing: What can art tell us?

21/07/20142 minute read

The advance of science and technology has a significant impact on people, but the role of artists is also important, such as musicians, painters and writers. What can the arts tell us about life that science cannot?

Nowadays, there is no doubt that the quality of our lives in the 21st century has been tremendously improved by various scientific and technological advances. However, whether the arts also have much to teach the modern people remains a controversial issue. I agree with the view that the arts try to touch the spiritual side of human nature.

Firstly, it is obvious that there are concepts such as feelings, emotions and inspiration that come from the arts, whereas science and technology can not offer them due to its focus on practicality. For example, an audience would have an opportunity to experience the feeling of sadness from listening to Beethoven’s pieces which were composed when he was suffering from unfortunate events. Whereas, even the most cutting-edge modern technology can not simulate such emotions.

Moreover, as a part of cultural identity, arts act as a distinction between different nations and regions. With the help of languages, music, paintings and sculptures, previous wisdom can be passed down through the long history, which will make the respective culture unique and contribute to the cultural diversity of the world. Therefore, arts can also help in shaping the world in their own ways.

In sum, undoubtedly, the science and technology is far more essential to benefit the human kind with material wealth; meanwhile the arts are also definitely indispensable in accumulating the human’s perception and promoting the society moving forwards. After all, it is only the arts that can help people pursue their spiritual wealth.

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