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IELTS Speaking topic: Birthday

24/09/20142 minute read

1. How do people in your country celebrate birthdays?
2. How do people celebrate birthdays when you were a child?
3. How did you celebrate your birthdays when you were a child?
4. Do you still feel that celebrating your birthday is important?
5. What do you do on your birthday now?
6. (Possibly) How do people celebrate children’s birthday today?
7. What is the most important birthday for people in your country?
8. (Possibly) Do you (or, do people in your country) prefer to celebrate birthday according to the lunar or the solar calendar?

It depends. Sometimes people in China will throw a party to celebrate though most people will just acknowledge it rather than actually celebrating it. I remembered when I was a little boy, I’d like to invite some close classmates and neighbours to banquet. We ate birthday cakes, played some interesting games and sometimes my parents would prepare some balloons for us. It was really memorable moment.

As an adult, I don’t think it important to celebrate my birthday because the date of my birthday is not different from other days. I just memorise several moments of my birthday parties as a young boy. I am a nostalgic man and I’m afraid the young boy’s joy had faded away.

Sometimes children’s birthday is a big banquet. Parents will always book a room in a restaurant and invite many children’s classmates and close friends. They will then prepare a big birthday cake and some other tasty food like sandwiches, biscuits and fruit juice. Children will have a good time there, and the whole process will be recorded by camera. I should say the children in current society really enjoy their childhood.

I think 18 is an important birthday for people because that is when you really declare your independence and are totally responsible for your behaviour.

We used to celebrate birthday according to the solar calendar because it is more common to us in everyday life. But in most rural areas, people used to use the lunar calendar.

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