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IELTS Speaking topic: Maps

27/09/201457 second read

1. Do you (ever) use a map?
2. When do you use a map?
3. Who taught you how to use a map?
4. How did you learn to use a map?
5. Do you prefer to use electronic maps or those made of paper?

Yes, I do. I am always using map on my computer when I am going to somewhere I am not familiar with. As I have a bad sense of direction, I find it really useful. I use map when I need to go to unfamiliar cities, so I would never be afraid of being lost. Modern digital map even can position yourself in a minute and guide you to your destination quickly.

Actually I figured it out for myself. It is well-designed and tend to be self-explanatory.

I generally prefer to use the electronic one because it has more advantages. Firstly you can search a place you don’t know where it is in a minute. Besides, the electronic map can tell you the current traffic flow so that you can steer clear of the terrible traffic congestion. In addition, it can position you and guide you to your destination quickly.

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