On a recent holiday you lost a valuable item. Fortunately you have travel insurance to cover the cost of anything lost.

Write a letter to the manager of your insurance company. In you letter

1. describe the item you lost
2. explain how you lost it
3. tell the insurance company what you would like them to do

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to you to make a claim for my lost golden watch as I have taken out insurance with your company.

I was taking a holiday trip with my family several days ago in Australia. I bought the golden watch in the big department, in Sydney then. It is a mechanic watch, worth $1000, which is made by Omega.

I remembered the day that I lost my watch was that after I had dinner with my family in a big restaurant in Sydney, I went along to the restroom to wash my hands. I took off my watch and put it aside. Unfortunately when I went back to the dinner table, I forgot to take it with me, and therefore I lost it.

As the watch is so expensive, I will be very grateful if your company would cover all the cost for me.

Looking forwards to hearing your reply!

Yours sincerely,


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