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IELTS Speaking topic: a handmade gift

02/11/20142 minute read

Describe a handmade gift you gave to your friends or relatives.
You should say:
what the gift was
when you gave it
how you made it by hand
and explain why you gave a handmade gift to your friends or relatives.

I made a simple kite for my son during the last National Day. Since I’d never made a kite before, I’d thought it would be a tough task. But it turned out that making a kite was actually just a piece of cake.

I decided on its shape first. I just chose a flat one because it was virtually the most basic structure and could be easily carried around. Then I got a sheet of coloured paper and cut out the shape.

My son got thin plastic strips for me. I tied them together with a string, which apparently would be the frame of the kite. After that, we made the bridle which connected the frame to the control line. Finally I glued the paper to the frame.

It seemed to be an arduous work as it took me a whole afternoon to finish it but finally it turned out to be quite rewardful. The kite flew pretty well in the garden the next day. Our hard work paid off. I chose a hand work as a gift because I reckoned it more precious for my son than the toys bought in the shops. Besides, doing a hand work offered me and my son an opportunity to experience the simple pleasures of life.


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    1. Actually, I’m not a native speaker but a Chinese man living in Beijing. So if you still have interest, please feel free to email me.

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