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IELTS Speaking topic: Housework

20/11/20143 minute read

1. Do you like doing housework?
2. How do you think housework could be made more interesting?
3. Di your parents ask you do any housework when you were a child?
4. Do you think children should do some housework?
5. Which do you think is better for doing housework, a machine or a person?
6. In the future, do you think machines will replace humans for doing housework?

Yes, I’m really into helping to do some housework if I have time because I find it can help me let off steam. I sometimes go shopping for groceries, mop the floor and clean the bathroom with my family during the weekends to make my home more comfortable.

I guess you should find the changes between before and after housework, then you will be motivated to do the chore to make the home better.

Yes, I feel that doing some housework can cultivate my hands-on abilities, and sense of achievement as well. I remember that when I was a little boy, I was often told to take out the garbage, wash the dishes and go out to buy some flavours. Therefore, I strongly recommend that children should take part in the daily household work.

If I were to choose between the two, I’ll probably go with machines because they can do housework better and more efficiently, for example, people are using machines to mop the floor, wash dishes and mow the lawn, whereas, you know, doing these housework by hands is really time consuming.

I guess in the age of fast living and a culture of convenience, a machine can really help a lot in doing housework, and do it better and more efficiently, like mopping the floor, washing dishes and mowing the lawn. But I don’t think that machines will totally replace humans because there are still a lot of housework that are suitable for humans like cooking.


In addition, I collected some other common-used housework phrases so that you can select some of them in your answers. These phrases are all idiomatic.

 washing the dishes sweeping the floor
 mopping the floor making the beds
 preparing meals washing vegetables
 cooking setting the table (for a meal)
 ironing taking out the garbage
 doing the laundry (washing clothes) tidying up / putting things where they belong
 shopping for groceries and other household supplies cleaning the kitchen
 cleaning the stove cleaning the refrigerator
 cleaning the bathroom cleaning the toilet
 washing the windows 


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