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IELTS Speaking topic: Natural places

23/11/20142 minute read

1. Do you like visiting natural places?
2. What are some well-known natural attractions in your country?
3. Have you ever gone camping?
4. Do you like a natural environment?
5. How do city kids in your country have contact with nature?
6. Do you have any memories of nature from your childhood?
7. What are the benefits of learning about nature?
8. What can people get from going to natural places?

Yes, I am fond of getting close to the nature. Once I am free, I’d like to visit one of the forest parks around Beijing. These places are not only really perfect for physical activities, but also can help me let off steam.

There are so many natural attractions in my country, for example, the best one, in my opinion, is the Huangshan Mountain, which earns a high reputation for its magnificent natural scenery. Besides, I travel to the Inner Mongolian grasslands every year to see the vast grassland as well as the blue sky and the white cloud which can be rarely seen in Beijing.

Yes, just once, but really memorable. I went to the Lingshan Mountain with my friends and my son early this year. We slept in the forest in the camps at night. It was totally dark outside, but we sang the songs loudly with others and heard the sound of rain dropping on my camp gently. It was really an interesting experience.

Cities in China usually have many parks in them so that children can visit with their parents. Most of these parks have plenty of trees, meadow, rockery and even lakes, which are good enough for children to get close to nature. Besides, on holidays, children will have opportunities to go for an outing to some natural sceneries.

People can definitely benefit a lot from nature. Apart from the physical fitness, people can loose up in the natural environment and inspire their love to life. As for children, I believe getting close to nature can cultivate their natural motivations to investigation and discovery the world around them based on their interests.


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