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IELTS Speaking topic: Toys

25/11/20142 minute read

1. Do you like toys?
2. Are toys very important to you?
3. What sorts of people like toys?
4. What sorts of toys did you like when you were a kid? (Why did you like it/them?)
5. Did your parents give it to you?
6. Do you still have any of your old toys?
7. Can you suggest why some people like to keep a childhood toy?
8. What kind of toys do children like today?
9. If you had a child, what toy would you buy him or her?
10. Do you think toys should be passed on to other kids when these toys are no long wanted?

Yes, I enjoyed toys because I believe people with love for life will still love childish things. I always play with my son with his transformers at home to enjoy ourselves.

I liked the toy cars and transformers when I was a kid because of the cartoons. But since my parents were not very rich then, after I asked them to buy me a transformer for many times, finally they agreed.

No, after my cousin was born when I was about 15, I gave all my toys to him in a large tub.

The main factor why people like to keep things from the past is that they can remember things years later. Nostalgia is important for a lot of people who are afraid of forgetting the time that has passed by, and also they are probably in a habit of not throwing away anything.

I believe the kind of toys children like most today derives from what kind of cartoons children have watched on TV. So I believe the cartoon figures like the Lightning, Bumblebee and the Angry Bird are among the most popular toys.

I already have a boy, 4-year-old. I always buy him the car toys and transformers as gifts. He really likes them.

Yes, I feel that most toys have only been played for just one year, and they are almost intact, so it is really a waste of money to throw them away. I always send my son’s toys to my friends’ babies to reuse them.


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