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IELTS Speaking topic: Your work

19/11/20142 minute read

1. What work do you do?
2. Why did you choose to do that type of work?
3. Do you like your job?
4. Is it very interesting?
5. Do you miss being a student?

I’m working as an IT consultant in an IT company. I have been working for the company for more than 5 years. I like my work and I feel like facing the new challenges in the next project. I got the job right after graduating from university.

Since I was quite young, I have always been interested in electronic devices and I wanted to do something related with computer in the future. I remembered talking about it with my parents and they thought it could not be bad as computer was playing more and more important role. So they encouraged me to choose it. And finally it turned out that I was right. It is easy to find a job, and the work is stable and the salary is also decent.

Well, generally, I am fond of my job because I can really get a sense of achievement from it. Working in the IT industry is really a big challenge. You have to be a recipient of new knowledge, deal with new problems and satisfy various clients’ demand. Fortunately, I met some helpful colleagues and superiors who are very nice and teach me a lot of things and experiences. I guess I am becoming more and more mature and eligible for the position now.

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