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IELTS Writing: Where should elderly people live?

26/11/20142 minute read

Currently more and more people respect elders and become convinced that older people should live with their families, which is in contrast to the view that older people should live at a nursing home. What is your opinion?

Nowadays, the Silver Tsunami is coming as the boomer generation enters their senior years. However, whether the elderly people should live in families or at nursing homes remains a controversial issue. I agree with the view that they should spend their twilight life with their own families.

Firstly, it is obvious that with rich experience in both work and life, elderly people can still contribute a lot to the families and communities. This is because they now, after retirement, have enough social experience to guide the young in the home, act as doctors to look after grandchildren and have leisure time to do some volunteer work. Hence, when there is elderly people in the house, the home is always full of smile and happiness.

Moreover, as for these senior citizens, staying with their families can also reduce the burden of medical care and pension for the governments. Sometimes, the authority has spared no efforts to take care of the pensioners but find themselves in the dilemma due to the finite social resources like manpower, fund and facilities, though it is indeed the governments’ obligation to do so. So governments would really like them stay at their own home instead of nursing homes.

That is not to say that the nursing homes are not useful at all. With professional skills and equipments, the senior citizen in there would be looked after carefully. But to be honest, not all of they will fond of living in that impersonal place.

In sum, staying with families for elderly is the traditional and probably the best way to show the respect and love to them; meanwhile, we should remember the social function of nursing home. Only by doing so can we ensure that the senior citizen would enjoy their best twilight life after retirement.

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