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IELTS Speaking topic: Neighbours

16/12/20143 minute read

1. Are there many people living near you?
2. Do you know all your neighbours?
3. How often do you see your neighbour?
4. When do you meet your neighbours?
5. How often do you talk to your neighbours?
6. Do you think it’s important to know your neighbours?
7. How well do you know your neighbours?
8. Do you think it’s important for a person to have a good relationship with their neighbours?
9. What do you think of your neighbours?
10. What kind of people are your neighbours?
11. How do you get along well with your neighbours?
12. What are the benefits of having good relationships with one’s neighbours?
13. What sorts of problems can people have with their neighbours?
14. In what ways can neighbours help each other?
15. Have you ever asked a neighbour for help?
16. What you prefer to have young people as your neighbours, or old people?

Yes, I live in the 8th floor of a high-rise, so there are many people living near me, and I know some of them. I can meet them from time to time in the community. Every time I meet my neighbours, I will say hell to them and talk with them for a little while.

Yes, we will say hello when we meet in the district. My nearest neighbour is an old lady living with her son. She is always alone at home as her son is working at office in the daytime, and she has no grandson to look after. Every time we meet in the corridor, she is likely to talk with me about her family and play with my little boy for a while. I think she really needs a company.

I don’t intend to know much things about neighbours because I want to respect others’ privacy. But some of my neighbours are close friends, we meet regularly, and we sometimes go out for dinner. In this case, we are inevitably familiar with their domestic problems.

Most of my neighbours are generous and kind-hearted.

Yes, I feel that having a good relationship with them can allow me to lead a comfortable life in the community. I can make new friends with them, sharing the same interests and I can learn more skills from them about how to educate my boy.

Not so much big problems in neighbourhood I believe, except some noise.

To choose between the two, I will probably go with young people because I am young myself, it’s easy for me to make friends with them so that we can hang out together, whereas, living with old people will probably bring me inconvenience because if I make noise they will complain to me incessantly.

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