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IELTS Speaking topic: Photograph

21/12/20142 minute read

1. Do you like to take photographs? (Why?)
2. Do you prefer to take photos yourself or to have other people take photos? (Why?)
3. How long have you liked taking photographs?
4. How (Why) did you become interested in photography?
5. How often do you take photographs?
6. In what situations do you take photographs?
7. What kind of photos do you like to take?
8. Do you prefer to take pictures of people or of scenery?
9. Who do you take photos of?
10. How do you keep your photos?
11. Do you keep your photographs on your computer?
12. Are there any photos on the walls of your home?
13. Do you frame (of have you framed) any of your photos? (If yes, which?&why?)
14. Do you prefer to send postcards to people or to send photos that you took yourself? (Why?)

Yes, I am a big fan of photography in my spare time. I always travel around to the stunning natural scenery with my camera. I have been in the habit of it for almost 8 years. The main factor is that I can capture the precious moment in my life, such as the graduation ceremony, or the sweet moment with my girlfriend, and also I believe the photography will cultivate my mental development.

If I were to choose between the two, I’ll probably go with taking photos of others because I feel that different people have different characteristic, so the photos will be distinguishing. Whereas, I barely take a selfie because it will make me embarrassed.

Normally, I’ll probably go with the scenery to take photos because I really enjoy the marvellous natural scenery such as the seashore, sunset and twilight, but if I take my son travelling around, I’ll take photos of him to capture his happiness.

I store my photos both in my computer disk and Internet for backup. And besides I have a photography website running for 4 years, keeping all my premium photos there.

Yes, I used to print some photos of my kid to hang them in his room, which can help us memorise the warm moment we had together.

Well, if I were to choose between the two, I’ll probably go with my own photos because they are unique and seeing a lot of comments from friends is really a pleasant thing. Whereas postcards are not as meaningful as photos taken by myself.

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