IELTS Speaking topic: Shoes

1. Do you like shopping for shoes (Why?/Why not?)?
2. How often do you buy shoes?
3. How long is it since you bought some shoes?
4. What kinds of shoes do you usually buy (or, prefer to buy)?
5. Do you prefer comfortable shoes or good-looking shoes?

No, I can’t stand go shopping for shoes, it’s really tiring and time consuming. I remember when I bought my shoes last time, it took me hours to find the suitable shoes, it’s really painstaking.

If I were to choose between the two, I’ll probably go with some comfortable shoes, like athletic shoes, because they are not expensive, and can be worn on most occasions. Whereas, good-looking shoes sometimes cost too much.

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  • John 04/10/2015 on 16:45

    nice pic 🙂 now I stopped studying IELTS, thanks !

    • pirlo John 05/10/2015 on 21:04

      Great! You have got rid of the painful English test and continue your new life!