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IELTS Speaking topic: Train travel

23/12/201458 second read
  • Do you often travel by train?
  • Do you like traveling by train?
  • What do you usually do when (you are) travelling by train?
  • What do you think are the benefits of travelling by train?
  • Do you ever take the subway to travel somewhere?

Yes, normally, I like the train travel because it’s very cheap and convenient, but when I travel to some remote places, I’ll probably choose the airplane because it’s much faster.

Yes, I’m into travelling by train because it’s very cheap and also very convenient. I usually take a business trip by train with my colleagues.

Oh, there are many things I do. For example, I read novels or newspaper on the cosy sofa or listen to the music while sleeping.

The benefits of travelling by train are numerous. First it is the cheapest than any other transportations. Besides, it is safe. I barely heard of news about train accidents. In addition, it is fast, especially after the high-speed railway has been used in China.

Yes, this year, I have travelled by subway to Tianjin, in just half an hour. It is really convenient and unbelievable in the past.

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