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IELTS Writing: Busy work

07/12/20142 minute read

Many people are busy with work and do not have enough time to spend with family and friends. Why does this happen? What are the effects of this on family life and society as a whole?

It seems to be an increasingly widespread concern that the modern citizens are struggling with the overwhelmingly busy and fatigued work, which results in less quality family time. And I think that the fast-paced lifestyle and endless pursuit of wealth are definitely responsible for this.

In the past, the whole countries and economics were heavily relying on agriculture which means that most people lived in the countryside and led a languorous pace of life. This is no longer the case. Due to the intensive competition in the current workplace, employees nowadays work much harder than before and spend more time on working in order to pay the variety of bills. As a result, more and more families have decreasing time to meet together.

Another important reason leading to this phenomenon is that some people have an insane desire to pursue the material wealth and thus disregard the relationship of families and friends. For example, it has always been reported in the news that some workaholic would rather extend their working time, and work at holidays, than spoil themselves with families, just in order to get promoted and higher salaries in the business.

The effects of all these trends are not positive. In the families, couples would have less time communicating with each other, and more importantly, children will grow up in a house that is lack of parental care. Likewise, when it comes to the social level, people who are money-oriented would only concern about themselves and the whole society would thus be a depressing and isolated place.

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