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IELTS Writing: Children playing with electronic devices

02/12/20142 minute read

Some people believe that time spent on television, video and computer games can be beneficial to children. Others believe this has negative effects on a child. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Nowadays, parents have to make a tough decision about how much time their children can spend with the electronic devices such as television, video and computer games. With good reasons, some people question that children are now too addictive to these devices. Others, however, make a convincing argument that modern technologies can help improve development of children. I feel that the best approach is moderation.

Firstly, it is obvious that too much TV and games will have an opposing influence. As children are at impressionable age, the questionable contents on TV and computers are definitely not suitable for their age group. Therefore, parents should commit their guardianship to help their kids distinguish right from wrong.

Moreover, staying in front of screen will also reduce the time that should be spent outside with family members and friends. This will cause children lack of physical exercises on one hand, and indulge them in the virtual world and become isolated from the real world on the other hand. So parental guidance is critically indispensable to control and limit these ubiquitous devices.

That is not to say that children are not allowed to access to these items at all. Watching TV, for example, can help broaden the horizon of children dramatically; surfing on the Internet will help expand the knowledge and keep in touch with teachers and classmates with social media tools. But to be honest, parents should shoulder the responsibilities to set the boundaries and make sure that the contents are appropriate.

In sum, it is not reasonable for parents to refuse the modern technology into the family completely; meanwhile, parents should also remember to guide their kids. Only by doing so can we ensure that children can fully harness the great power of the state-of-art facilities to help them grow up in a reliable environment.

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