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IELTS Writing: Punishment for driving offences

22/12/20142 minute read

The only way to improve road safety is to impose severe punishment for driving offences. Do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, traffic accidents have become tough problems every country have to face. However, whether imposing severe punishment on drivers will simply solve it remains a controversial issue. I agree with the view that apart from legal punishment, road safety should be ensured with the combination of various actions.

First, it is obvious that more rigorous standards in the driving schools should be implemented in the first place in order to prevent the potential disasters for these new drivers. This is because once the traffic accidents unfortunately occur, the severe punishment for the drivers are too late for the victims. So it is better to prevent them beforehand.

Moreover, it is the governments’ obligation to increase the quality of traffic facilities to avoid danger. In many developing countries, for example, the traffic infrastructures are so shabby there that it is quite easy to cause vehicle collisions on the bumpy roads. Therefore, the delicate and well-designed road system can definitely reduce the amount of accidents.

That is not to say that the severe punishment is not useful at all. It indeed can remind the drivers not to be distracted while driving or to slow down the cars next time, as well as act as a deterrent effect to the new drivers. But to be honest, these lessons are much too costly.

In sum, we should do some preventative measures to avoid the tragedies happen; meanwhile, penalty can also function to some extend. Only by combination of several methods can we ensure that the traffic accidents will be less and less.

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