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IELTS Writing: The character of ambition

03/12/20142 minute read

Ambition is an important character for people who want to be successful. Is it positive or negative character?

Nowadays, it is increasing widespread concern that people should hold a great ambition to success. However, whether this behaviour will bring negative influence on themselves remains a controversial issues. I agree with the view that we should reach a trade-off between the pros and cons of ambition.

First, it is obvious that an ambitious man will always be full of enthusiasm and vitality, and thus he will more likely to success. This is because once people set up targets in their minds, they will always spare no efforts to realise that. The Portuguese footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo, for example, who wanted to be the most outstanding player, achieved his goals through his planned workouts and strict diet.

Moreover, ambitious society or country will undoubtedly make tremendous progress in many aspects. If individuals in all walks of life would like to live to make contribution to the country, the productivity will boost and economy will prosper consequently. The apparent example would be Japan whose economy recovered and flourished rapidly soon after the WWII.

That is not to say that being ambitious is flawless. Paying too much attention to pursuit of achievements will obviously makes people disregard something else, like the family values, friendship and enjoying leisure time. If everyone in the society only focus on material wealth, the whole community will unfortunately be aggressive and selfish.

In sum, we should reach the balance between the benefits and drawbacks of character of ambition; put it in another way, we are supposed to set up goals and realise them in a proper way, while avoiding indulging ourselves in them. Only by doing so can we ensure that we can live in the competitive and healthy society.

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