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IELTS Writing: The pros and cons of adverts

20/12/20142 minute read

Do the positive effects outweigh negative effects when advertising gains in popularity?

Nowadays, advertisements can be seen everywhere and have indeed become an indispensable parts of economic development. However, whether the pros outweigh the cons of it remains a controversial issue. I agree with the view that despite a number of shortcomings, we cannot just discard the useful tools.

First, it is obvious that bridging the gap between the consumers and manufacturers, no matter how far the distance is, is the adverts’ primary function. Internet adverts, for example, can precisely delivery the information of products to the target audience even across the countries. So this kind of adverts maximise the functionality of disseminating the production information to the final consumers.

Moreover, the delicate and well-designed advertisements can always be able to evoke the customers’ impulse buying, boot the sales and finally in some way promote the economic growth. In such circumstances, buyers will probably be induced by adverts and consequently buy more things than they need. Therefore, adverts definitely help develop the booming economy.

That is not to say that the adverts are flawless in the market. Due to the expensive adverts fees, the cost will of course be added to the price of goods at last, and thus be paid by the buyers. Furthermore, as almost all the adverts will claim the product’s advantages only, the customers will get the unjust information and can easily be misled when making purchase decision.

In sum, advertisement has now become the most effective marketing tools used all over the world; meanwhile, though the pros clearly outweigh the cons, the problems should be handled by efforts. Only by doing so can we ensure that the consumers will get the needed products in the most effortless and impartial way.

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