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IELTS Speaking topic: Cars

06/01/20152 minute read

1. Do you like cars?
2. Do you have a driver’s licence?
3. Have you ever driven a car?
4. Do you (or your family) have a car?
5. Do you often drive it?
6. (If you don’t have a car) Do you plan to buy a car in the future?
7. If you wanted to buy a car, what kind of car would you choose?
8. What kinds of cars are most popular in your country?
9. Do you like travelling by car?
10. Who do you prefer to travel with?
11. Do you like to take long trips in a car?
12. Is there anything you don’t like about cars?

Yes, I’m a big fan of driving because car is an indispensable part of my life and I enjoy the speeding and steering when driving.

Yes, I do. I bought my car right after I got the driver’s license in 2010. I almost drive it every day between my home and office.

I prefer the SUV because it is really versatile. It is comfortable inside like the sedan, and it can also be off road if necessary.

Yes, I’m really into self-driving travelling because it’s not only very convenient as I can make my own itineraries and go anywhere I like but I can also take as many things as possible without worrying about where to put them. I’d like to travel with my friends so that we are not tired on the road because we can take turns to drive.

I don’t like the engine lubricate oil because the smell disgusts me and also I’m afraid they will pollute the environment deadly if not dealt with properly.

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