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IELTS Speaking topic: Concentrating

08/01/20152 minute read

1. What times in your life do you need to concentrate on doing something?
2. Does your job require concentrating and attention to detail?
3. Is it difficult/easy to concentrate? (Why?)
4. What affects you ability to concentrate?
5. What type of environment do you need to work peacefully?
6. Do you (ever) do anything to help you concentrate?
7. Do you think people can do two things at the same time?

Usually during the work time, but it is not realistic to keep concentration for the entire 8 hours, so actually I used to select the most severe problem to solve from my clients without any distractions.

Yes, when I’m working for my clients, I really have to think carefully about every detail of the system, because once it’s online operating, it will influence business fundamentally.

Yes, I think so. I can not concentrate on something I am not into. I remembered once I watched Beijing opera with my parents and my mind totally flied away cause I couldn’t understand a word.

I guess we will get absent-minded if we are distracted by several different things at the same time. For example, while we are working in front of computers, we sometimes chat with our online friends. So if I want to work peacefully and efficiently, I really need a clutter-free environment. I like my desk clear of any clutter except one computer on it, and turn off phones, email notification, etc to prevent me from jumping from one thing to another.

Honestly speaking, I don’t believe we can pay attention to two things at the same time because one task may be distracted by the other one, and finally we will probably end up with nothing accomplished.

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