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IELTS Speaking topic: Friend and family

20/01/20152 minute read

1. Do you have any (or, many) close friends?
2. What qualities make them good friends?
3. Do you live with your family?
4. Do your family and friends still live in your hometown?
5. Do you think family members should live together? (Why?/Why not?)
6. When do you spend time with your family?
7. What do you do together?
8. Do you often go out with your friends?
9. Is your family very important to you?
10. Do you prefer to spend time with your family or your friends?
11. What do you do in your free time with your friends?
12. Are there any times when you prefer to be alone?

Yes, I have several friends that keep friendship for many years. We should have something in common, such as life values, interests, etc, so every time we meet, we have a lot of topics to share.

Yes, I live with my wife and my son. My parents now live in my hometown which is a small and quiet town. Some of my middle school classmates still live in my hometown too.

I guess that the family that live together, including their grandparents is reasonable because we can take care of our parents and also our children at the same time. And also the large extended families are better psychologically for children for being warm.

Normally, during the weekdays, I’d like to tell stories to my son, play games with him and sometimes watch cartoons together because I’m only free after work, but on weekends, we always go out travelling around Beijing, visiting various forest parks.

If I were to choose between the two, I’ll go with the family because they are the ones who will stay with me all my life, whereas I don’t have to meet friends every day.

Well, there are many things I do, for example, I sometimes invite my friends to my home during my time off to chat, or I hang out with them to the restaurants in the weekends to kill time.

Yes, I really enjoy being alone in the weekend morning, reading some books and playing computer games. During that time, I can do something I am interested in, and don’t have to think about how to brace for the coming problems.

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