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IELTS Speaking topic: Parks

11/01/20152 minute read

1. Does your hometown have many parks?
2. Do you often visit public parks?
3. What do you usually do there?
4. Do you like parks?
5. What kinds of parks do you like?
6. What do you like most about (going to) a park?
7. Did you go to parks when you were a child?
8. What did you do there?
9. Do you think it’s good to have parks and public gardens in cities (Why?)
10. DO you think there should be more of them?
11. Do you think you will go to parks more often in the future?

Not so many, actually there is only one park in my small county along the river.

Yes, I go to the parks a lot, for example, when it is sunny in the daytime, I’d like to go running in the park to get exercises, or just take a walk there at night after dinner with my family to enjoy ourselves.

Yes, I’m really into parks. The main factor is that it’s quiet in the park in which I can unwind myself without any interruptions and also it’s a good chance to take exercises like jogging or just sit by the lake talking with friends, which can really bring people closer together.

Yes, I just remembered I went to the amusement park for one time, but didn’t have a good time there because I was too scared to play around. I was a timid boy then.

I believe there should be more parks in big cities because parks with plenty of trees and grass can function like lungs to human bodies. They can purify the air efficiently, provide sun shade to citizens and to some extent reduce the city noise.

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