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IELTS Writing: Letter-Complaining about a dog

04/01/20152 minute read

The animal your neighbours keep in their garden has brought you serious problems. You think they must do something to prevent causing further trouble to you.
Write a letter to your neighbours. In your letter
1. tell them who you are
2. explain what the problem is
3. suggest what they should do to settle the problem

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Smith,

I am Pirlo and I live next to you. I am writing this letter to you to complain about your dog barking all night long recently. We did not sleep well for these disturbed nights, so I am afraid that I have to let you know.

At first, I thought there might be someone around your house that made your dog bark, but after I got out of my house and checked around for several times, I found no one there but the dog still jumping in your yard and barking for nothing, which made me rather confused.

Is it possible for you to take your dog to the veterinarian and figure out what is going wrong with your pet? We should really appreciate it if you keep the dog quiet at night, like tying up in the basement.

Thanks for your understanding.
Yours sincerely,

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