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IELTS Writing: Protecting animals

31/01/20152 minute read

Some people argue that too much attention and too many resources are given to protect wild animals and birds. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, wild animals and birds seem privileged to some people because they think these creatures do not deserve the amount of attention and resources for protection. However, I agree with the view that as long as the efforts for the protection are in a reasonable range, we should show support.

First, it is obvious that caring and investing about wild animals and birds’ survival are increasing. The media, for instance, has given more coverage to animal protection. Likewise, loads of funding from either governments or private organisations has been poured into scientific projects and voluntary programmes for the benefits of wildlife.

Moreover, with all kinds of efforts to save the wildlife, unfortunately, it is not necessarily making a difference. During the process of evolution, some species may be destined to disappear as more advanced ones will one day appear. Besides, global warming and other types of climate changes make it tougher for wild creatures to adapt. Therefore, however hard we try, some still have to go.

That is not to say that we are supposed to spare no efforts to this work. This is mainly because funding to fight against the environmental degradation is relatively far more indispensable so that all wild animals that are living in this planet will benefit. So we should manipulate the resources delicately.

In sum, if the authority and its people can offer all sorts of assistance like money, experts or attention, there is no point in cutting the help down. On the other hand, this practise is not going beyond limits. As long as the protection is needed and affordable, we should support.

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  1. i think “too much attention” is mean people give their time/care to someone excessively.

    so that if you think the people are right to give attention , you should write “disagree” instead of “agree” for this circumstance.

    in this case, Disagree that people give too much attention… means that “as long as the efforts for the protection are in a reasonable range, we should show support”

    1. Thank you Tim for your kindness to try to correct me.

      As you mentioned in your comment, I’m afraid that too much attention in the sentence doesn’t suggest the negative implication. Instead, I believe the phrase that suites what you are meaning is much too attention, just similar with the previous one, which is a definitely negative expression. So what do you think of my idea?


      1. Its okay, actually this essay topic is made without any subject, so that we can use government/ media / people who care with wild animals and birds and we can use many point of views.

        three days ago , when i got this essay for writing , i choose government for the subject, which means that government is protecting the wild animals and birds with much attention and many resources…

        Therefore, i think that i agree about the statement government care with them too much and they do not prioritize human first.

        1. Hey, Tim. I believe that it doesn’t matter what you write in the writing test, but how you write, that’s to say, how you express your opinion in the reasonable way. So any idea is OK as long as your essay reaches their marking standard.


          1. Haha sure, thanks a lot for your suggestion also bro, maybe we can share information and knowledge together again later

            1. Yes, sure. If you get any good ideas on IELTS, plz feel free to contact me. I would really appreciate your kindness.

  2. Pirlo, hi!
    Can you tell liitle about your English level, and how do you practice your writing skills, how much time do you need to write this kind of article?
    please, thank you very much!

    1. Hello Yura. Thank you for your comment in my blog. As you may know, I’m not a native English speaker, so I may not be as good as you before the IELTS exams. And as for the writing, I used the Liu Hongbo’s writing book which really inspired my writing skills, so I think you may take a look at it and maybe it will help yours too.
      Basically, I use 30 minutes to finish writing one essay because you know, you only have one hour to accomplish two essays, so writing speed is relatively important!


  3. Thank you very much, for your reply) I cannot find this book using author’s name, can you tell me the name of the book or may be you can send a link. I am also not native-speaker, so that’s why I am interested in passing IELTS)

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